18. Glowing Galaxies and Shimmering Stars

07 Feb

FACT: You have probably looked up at the night sky at some point in your life. Perhaps you have looked at the cornucopia of lights shimmering and wondered,’How many of those light come from far off galaxies.’ Whether or not you asked that I have the answer… none.

Every single star that can be seen with the naked eye or through a small telescope is from our galaxy, the venerable Milky Way. All of the constellations and signs of the zodiac, just from our average old spiral galaxy. Galaxies are big, aren’t they?

The reason we can’t see the humongous stars from far off galaxies shining at night is because of the distance, a distance incomprehensibly large. A distance so great that when the combined light of every star in another galaxy reaches us on Earth, all we can see is a small indistinct blob that looks just like a rather dim star. In fact due to light pollution most people can barely see half of the stars in the sky, let alone galaxies.

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One response to “18. Glowing Galaxies and Shimmering Stars

  1. Brandon Carruthers

    January 14, 2012 at 04:45

    The nearby Andromeda Galaxy aka M31 can be seen by the neked eye on dark, moonless nights.
    i think a few others from some point on earth at some time of year


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