32. Botox Androids

21 Feb

FACT: When you feel emotions your brain sends signals and your body adjusts, but no muscle adjusts more than the face, whether frowning, quizzically raising an eyebrow or full out maniacal grin. The link is so strong that a genuine smile (Duchenne Smile), is impossible to produce without causing yourself to feel happy, simply because it is impossible to contract all of the muscles without the emotion.

This link works both ways though, and it affects those who undergo Botox injection very strongly indeed. As you well may know, Botox inhibits peoples ability to produce such a wide range of facial expression as a side effect of the wrinkle removal. This inability to show off their facial expressions means that when they feel the emotion, the signals from their facial muscles inform the brain that the emotion is not being felt so strongly. Over days and weeks there is a marked change, they become near-emotionless, neither feeling extreme joy, or extreme sadness. Friends and acquaintances describe people with Botox injection a becoming almost ‘Android-like’ in their attitude.

Is it worth it, that depends. would you like to become a Botox Android?

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