33. Email Rage

22 Feb

FACT: It is too frequent an occurrence; someone receives an email, they don’t like it, they REALLY don’t like it. In person its no problem but reading it they feel a rage course through them and in a few seconds they go from outrage to pressing send on a horrible email, filled with insults personal slurs the lot. They come to their senses and as a reasonable person realise how stupid they’ve been, but it’s too late. But why does this happen? What is the cause of this mysterious Email rage that causes people at keyboards to become more vicious versions of themselves.

The answer is a peculiar condition known as ‘Email Apnea.’ When reading or writing emails a large percentage of people will unconsciously hold their breath. This reduces how much oxygen there is in the blood, casing a lack of oxygen in the brain, the brain panics and higher more reasonable functions are overruled by the more ‘animalistic’ and less developed parts of the brain. This and other biochemical changes accumulates, making one much more rash and prone to anger. Meaning that if someone in this state receives something unpleasant in their inbox they are much more likely than normal to react in a way that everyone will regret.


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One response to “33. Email Rage

  1. Anonymous

    September 16, 2011 at 18:43

    (Finally Inhales…)
    THAT BLOG POST INFURIATED ME BEYOND BELIEF AND I.. and i.. oh shit wait it’s true!


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