36. Lightning Shrooms!

25 Feb

FACT: Lightning, according to Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein among other novels, is a vital ingredient for any mad scientist wishing to bring their amalgamation of dead corpse parts to life. However far fetched it may be, it now seems to have some mysterious life boosting properties.

According to the lore of Japanese farmers(I assure there is such a thing), plentiful mushroom harvests follow lightning storms. So at Iwate University in northern Japan some scientists tested this, by spending several years electrocuting various species of mushroom with artificial lightning, as you do.The results have confirmed the Japanese farming legend, mushrooms can more than double their yield when shocked with lightning

The reason lightning  causes these Frankenshrooms to multiply at an increase rate is currently unknown, however it is so successful that the scientists are currently at work producing machines for farmers that will zap a veritable cornucopia of mushrooms with lightning to increase their yields. The testing has now moved to different species and early results show that the lightning works at least partially on the following: radish, rapeseed, beans and some varieties of lily. However more studies are required to confirm this.

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