42. Buttered Side Down – Testing Murphy’s Law

02 Mar

I think I killed itQUESTION: Does bread always land buttered side down?

ANSWER: This ‘buttered side down’ pessimistic logic is known as Murphy’s Law, and a few years ago it was tested in a spectacular mass experiment sponsored by the United Kingdom Department of Education and a Butter Manufacturer.

The experiment involved 1,000 children knocking a grand total of 21,000 pieces of lovingly buttered bread off of many many identical tables. The results were conclusive: Bread lands buttered side down the vast majority of the time, so Murphy’s Law is correct. Bread [almost] always lands buttered side down.

The next step is, ‘Why?’ and this is relatively simple to answer.The reason is that bread doesn’t spin very quickly, unless a table is around 3 metres tall the bread just doesn’t have time and space to perform a full revolution(turn) and land back on its less buttery side.

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One response to “42. Buttered Side Down – Testing Murphy’s Law

  1. A Wiki Contributor

    March 10, 2011 at 21:30

    Buttered toast strapped to the back of a cat is the only know way to break the laws of physics.


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