51. Wisened Heads

11 Mar

MISCONCEPTION: I get old at the same rate. After one year every part of me is one year older etc…

TRUTH: As Albert Einstein proved with e=mc², time and space are elastic, meaning that weird things can happen. For example the closer you get to a black hole, the more time slows down and the gravity warps space itself. In the case of a black hole it is an extreme effect, but the earth is having the same effect on you right now, just on a lesser scale. It is this time dilation effect that is the real reason here.

During the times you are upright with your feet below your head, the earth’s gravity is acting on you, meaning that the gravity is actually slightly stronger for your feet than for your head. This means your feet age more slowly than your head.

This isn’t a big effect I must remind you, there are no cases where someone has baby feet and a shriveled wrinkled face, the earths effect is smaller than that. In fact by the end of your life, your head will only be 0.0000003 seconds older than your feet. A truly minute difference, but a little wrinkle cream couldn’t hurt I suppose…


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2 responses to “51. Wisened Heads

  1. talha

    July 9, 2013 at 09:13

    This article seems very stupid.

    If this was true, at spaceships (for astronauts) time must have been stopped because there was negligible gravity at satellite as compared to when we are present on earth. But it doesn’t happen.

    Moveover Einstein’s theory of relativy has equations where there is only a relationship between speed and time is present. (I know a little bit about space-time curves and gravity linkage), But that doesn’t work like it has been said in the article. The only thing which has been mentioned is that time slows down as we appraoch the speed of light.

    • Ganesh

      May 28, 2016 at 05:28

      You need to understand what is stated before claiming the article “stupid”. The article talks about “Gravitational Time Dilation” suggesting a relation between gravity and time also. For example, if a person were to fall in a black hole, his feet will feel lot more effect than his head, with the result, his body is “elongated” or stretched, and this effect is popularly known as “spaghettification”.

      The author of the above article suggests that even the gravitational effects of the earth may be felt stronger at the feet than at the head of a person standing on the surface of the Earth, although the effect is rather insignificant.

      Please see: and educate yourself!


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