64. Solar Moon

25 Mar

FACT: The moon is in space. Then again, so technically is the Earth. However we spin faster. Specifically one revolution (full turn) every 24 hours. Meaning everywhere on the surface is dark for around 12 hours every day.

Not so on the moon. The moon spins more slowly, a single revolution on the moon takes around 27.3 earth days to complete, however some places never fall into the dark here. There are places which lie outside of these rules. Thanks to the extreme small amount of axial tilt on the moon, special peaks exist which have never been in shadow.

Four of these eternally lit peaks line the edge of the Peary Crater, each of which has not seen shadow for millions of years, and likewise many craters have eternal shadows upon which no light falls.

Beyond the sheer poetry of these glittering peaks, there is also a great utility. Solar power. Here on earth solar cells and solar panels spend at least half of the day in the dark, even more if there are clouds. Also very little light reaches them because the atmosphere stops a lot of it. On the moon there is no such problem. The complete absence of an atmosphere means light hits the moon full force, and on these mountains the solar farms could twinkle constantly, converting the light into sweet, sweet energy to be beamed back to Earth.

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  1. cute pictures

    April 16, 2011 at 19:53

    awesome writing skills.. Did you write this yourself? Either way I’m impressed, and I will be back to read more in the future


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