68. Heavy Up There

29 Mar

FACT: We don’t notice how heavy air is.

So… how heavy is the air above us?

We are built for it, we can all cope with the pressure of the millions of cubic kilometres of air that are suspended about us, everyone from the great Pando down to the smallest bacteria and even Yoghurt. It is pushing down on you now, in fact, unless you have been to space you have had this force acting on you at almost every single moment in your life, the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on you, and you act as if it is nothing.

So how much is it, what is the atmosphere pushing down on us?

The answer is this, 101325 Pascals. That may mean nothing to you, so here it is in layman’s terms.

There are 10,330 kilograms of air pushing down on every square metre of your body. Over 10 tons. That is something everything you have ever seen, is fighting against. Think of a polystyrene cup, put it upside down, it has that enormous force acting across it, yet it doesn’t crumple. That applies to everything. Not even squirrels crumple under this immense pressure.

Talk about a weight on your shoulders. 101,325 Newtons of weight per metre squared to be precise.

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