75. The Fireman’s Spiral

05 Apr

FACT: Fire stations, big ones anyway, consist of more than one floor. Inside of which are many highly trained professionals ready to deal with fire at a moments notice. Almost all fire stations share one characteristic though.

They all have spiral staircases, a far cry to the olden days of the fire services of the world.

Welcome to the past, we have horses here. In the olden times when the combustion engine was either to unreliable or nor even invented, horses were stationed in stables on the bottom floor of fire stations. They were strong work horses with the great strength required to pull many gallons of water. In addition they happened to be a curious nuisance.

In the original stations the stairs were straight, or had one turn in. Child’s Play. The horses figured out how to walk up these and it became a major annoyance for everyone upstairs when they were invaded by the curious horses in question. It also compromised safety.

So, to prevent these kinds of distracting events, many staircases were torn out from their respective residences and were replaced with narrower spiral staircases, which vex horses to this very day. Be thankful.

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