79. ‘Qooling’ Qatar

09 Apr

FACT: In 2022 Qatar will be hosting the World Cup, the largest Football (Soccer)Tournament in the world. Unfortunately Qatar is a very hot country, and has refused to move the tournament to their much cooler winter.

So what to do, with temperatures in summer reaching and exceeding 36°C the tournament would be too draining to even watch in the stadium, let alone run around for 90 minutes in. So several large-scale plans have been suggested.

After the probably sensible one of just doing the thing in winter there was initially one suggestion alone, which was to air-condition every single stadium, whilst costly the country was willing to flex its financial muscles. Then along came a big, jumbo jet sized solution.

Artificial Clouds. This is the concept, use carbon fiber and various other light polymers you construct a jumbo jet sized rectangle. Inject the center with Helium and add to this giant rectangle a set of four massive fans with one at each corner and then attach efficient solar cells to the top to power the whole thing. Congratulations, you have now spent $500,000 and built a self-propelling sun powered flying rectangle. This is the artificial cloud in question.

How does it work, beyond the obvious powered-by-the-sun part, it is a remotely controlled artificial cloud. Its goal is to fly up high and cast a large, conveniently stadium-sized shadow down, thus cooling the area beneath it. When placed above various stadiums they shall cool many thousands, each hovering high above and moving throughout the course of the match with the movements of the sun.

I hope they don’t come up with any more plans because this is simplycool(or should I say Qool?). To see what they will look like in action feel free to gawp at the embedded video below:

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One response to “79. ‘Qooling’ Qatar

  1. Anonymous

    October 1, 2011 at 03:58

    I really wish I could have seen the video for this, but when I went to find it on youtube it said that it wasn’t available to America yet.


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