80. A Pirate is She

10 Apr

Awilda in full pirate attire.

FACT: The daughter of the 5th Century Scandinavian king, Synardus, Awilda(sometimes referred to as Alfhilda) was a fairly large handful when she didn’t get things her own way. Apparently her father arranged for her betrothal to the crown prince of Denmark, Alf. Unfortunately this did not sit well with Awilda.

Begrudging the decision she took action.

Awilda and some of her female friends dressed up as sailors and managed to successfully commandeer a vessel. They did on their way sail, until they came across a pirate ship with a captain who had recently suffered through the  common ailment of ‘death’. So the captaining position was available. Being an enterprising woman she put herself forward for the position and was accepted.

So she and her friends were a pirates now, patrolling waters and ready to pounce upon vessels which did not have their wits about them. She and the crew went on many an adventure, and Awilda became a legendary Viking pirate. So great was the trouble they caused that action had to be taken.

To deal with these ‘irksome’ pirates Prince Alf and a navy vessel  were dispatched to conquer the pirate ship. A battle did ensue and Prince Alf, along with his crew managed to gain the upper hand in battle. B0arding the ship and capturing those on board. So impressed was Awilda with the Prince’s bravery that she revealed her true identity to him and to the crew, then agreed to marry him. They were married on board and went on to become King and Queen of Denmark, living happily ever after.

That there… is true love.

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