95. Henry and the Black Ford

25 Apr

MISCONCEPTION: Henry Ford when speaking about the Model T Ford said, “You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s black.” This was because, obviously, the cars were only available in black to start with, obviously.

TRUTH: Unfortunately that very amusing witticism was never uttered by the man himself. In even more shocking news the original Model T Ford was available in a plethora of colours, being offered for the public’s delectation in blue, red, green and that finest of the rainbow’s children – brown. The Model T Ford if you don’t know, was the first mass production car ever produced, leading the way for the current auto-mobile market as it stands to this day.

Oddly enough though, it wasn’t even available in black for several years. Oh the lies that history tells. Anyway, the black car was a hit with its slick appearance and mysterious lustre, so appealing was it that the car industry has never looked back.


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