116. Excessive Own Goals

16 May

Stade Olympique l’Emryne – this Madagascan team is in possession of a dubious record in the world of Football. They are responsible for the most own goals ever scored in a single match. That is they ran to the wrong goal and scored against themselves.

Why though? This was deliberate, no team is THAT bad, in this case it was rather a case rebellion as opposed to being simply rubbish. This was protest. The cause of the uprising was a dubious referee. In their previous match they had been poised to go to the final of the championship, then out of the blue the referee gave a dubious penalty to the other team. It was scored and then full time was immediately called, pulling the team out of the running for the final.

So they sabotaged their next match. Every time a member of the team got the ball they ran back to their own goal and scored. Safely securing their most own goals record with a significant 149 goals. Netting a fairly substantial loss at an average of one goal every 35 seconds. A novel way to protest but top marks for creativity and persistence..

Thanks to Jack Evans for the story idea.

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