118. The Body’s Light

18 May

Extremely sensitive cameras pick up the faint glow of the Human body

Life is light – whilst that may sound like an excerpt from some religious text, it is actual fact. It has been shown that glowing is no longer the reserve of glow worms, firefly’s and deep sea fish. Biochemical reactions in, and on the body of nearly every creature on earth produce thousands upon thousands of compounds, and also light. Practically all life on earth produces visible light, whether it wants to or not. That includes humans – we quite literally glow. Constantly in fact. You are doing it right now.

Now most of us do not notice this because of the fact that the glow is so meager. 1000 times too dim for the human eye to even detect, but it is certainly still there. In fact, how much the human body glows changes throughout the day. A study into the subject using extremely sensitive cameras and light tight rooms found that you are particularly dim (in the light sense of course) at 10 am, whilst you are relatively bright at 4 pm.Japanese researchers are hoping to study it more extensively as it may be linked to how well the metabolism is functioning. They hope to one day have cameras that can see the faintest glow of your skin and tell whether or not you are in good health. A truly remarkable idea indeed.

In addition to us constantly glowing and changing how bright we are it was noted that the human face produces much more light than any other part of the body. Talk about a gleaming smile.

Further Reading

Images courtesy of Kyoto University / Tohoku Institute of Technology

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