125. Satanic Stationery

25 May

In all aspects of religion there is some degree of standard practice, protocol or ritual. The same is also true for those who would communicate with the devil. In fact writing up a contract with the devil is a very specific practice in that you must use the correct ink. No, not writing in blood, sweat or even turpentine. There is a very specific recipe.

The ink in question is called ‘pact ink’ and its recipe is as follows:

  • Gall Nuts, 280 grams
  • Roman Vitriol, 85 grams
  • Rock Alum, 85 grams
  • Gum Arabic, 85 grams

Without the correct ingredients the devil will not consider your contract valid, so keep that in mind. Pact ink is the only way. Order Today!

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One response to “125. Satanic Stationery

  1. gigi

    September 13, 2011 at 20:25

    ok question is there any website i can order pact ink on??????


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