128. The Long Vote

28 May

Queueing for a chance to vote

1.21 billion people, the second largest country by population on earth. That is India, the famed sub-continent tacked onto Asia. Thanks to China’s political position India is the largest democracy in the world. This naturally means that every few years there is a vote. It is described as the largest en masse democratic movement in the world. The Indians like a vote, and they turn out in force.

Voting is seen as a great thing in India and if you can, you will. This means there are hundreds of millions of voters at every election. This takes time. In fact it takes 7 whole months  for everyone to submit their vote. Day in day out with polling stations at every hall and train station and even post offices. People queue around the block to vote each day but it never goes any faster. However there is one more feat of time management that the Indian vote manages to pull.

After 7 solid months of voting, thanks to a fantastic e-voting infrastructure every single vote is counted in a single day. Now isn’t that something?

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