155. AC/DC Sharks

24 Jun

RRROOOOOOCCKKK!!What is the best way to lure a great white shark? The typical response was ‘chum’ – essentially chopped up fish. It turns out the answer may be hard rock classics, such as those from AC/DC. The most effective song is the aptly named – ‘If You Want Blood’.

The use of sound is not totally new, it has been known for a long time that certain sounds can drive off sharks and other animals: in fact sonar from ships is so painful for animals that it is a big factor in causing the beaching of whales. What wasn’t known extensively until now was which sounds were liked by animals.It turns out that, after extensive trial and error, lower frequencies preferred by great white sharks. In particular AC/DC is their favourite, fitting in with their aggressive reputations.

Sharks are in fact very enthusiastic about their music, in fact they even head-bang – after a fashion. Matt Waller, a shark tour guide says:

“I’ve seen the sharks rub their faces on the cage where the sound is coming from as if to feel it.”

More research needs to be done into which sounds are appealing to different species of shark, but this has at least some merit. For hundreds of years many island tribes have attracted sharks by banging submerged coconut shells together. So take a lesson from this, be safe, don’t play AC/DC If You Want Blood in the ocean.

Note: Apologies to all AC/DC fans, at Most Odd the upmost effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the articles presented; however there was no feasible way to insert the correct lightning bolt into AC/DC.  Apologies.
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