174. Neptune’s One Year Anniversary

13 Jul

In 1846 the planet Neptune was discovered; since then one year has passed. Now we celebrate the one year anniversary of its discovery. As you may have gathered, that is one Neptune year, something much longer than the human year.

Neptune is the coldest and most remote planet in our solar system (pluto does not count). BEing so far away it has an orbit that is 30 times larger than earth. One year of  Neptune, one full orbit of the sun, lasts 164.79 earth years. Making 12th June 2011 the one year anniversary.

Time works slowly in other ways on Neptune: as of the anniversary date Neptune is in the throes of winter. A season on Neptune lasts for 40 years, so the chill may set in. So the year and the seasons are slow, but Neptune can hurry itself when prompted. For example, a day. A single day on Neptune lasts 15 hours and 58 minutes. This means that a single year on Neptune consists of 78,400 Neptune days.

Some people have had small celebrations but I have it on good authority that the next anniversary will be big. Just be patient. I’ll meet everyone on the 26th April 2176 – you know the place. Well you will by then.

neptune day

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One response to “174. Neptune’s One Year Anniversary

  1. Anonymous

    July 13, 2011 at 08:29

    See you there, then :3


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