179. The Pacific Trash Vortex

12 Aug

There are 5 large vortices in the oceans of the world, points where currents collide. On the Pacific Vortex there is a problem, a serious environmental one, millions of tons of rubbish are being collected there. Covering thousands of square kilometres this oceanic rubbish tip leaks poisonous plastics and small plastic fragments which poison the whole food chain, a defamation on the blue oceans of films and fantasy.

Estimates place it at approximately 6 million square miles in area. Which would make it cover 10% of the Pacific Ocean. The problem is that it is an estimate, the plastic is broken up by Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and fragments into successively smaller pieces, but the sun alone can never fully break plastic down. This broth of tiny plastic is however invisible to satellites, wherever it spreads it goes undetected. Simply put no-one knows how big it is. More information is being sought all the time upon this phenomenon as it puts humanity’s waste to work.

For more information I recommend this infographic: Through the Gyre

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