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A Most Odd Announcement

Hello there, this is Alex speaking writing a little announcement here.

Most Odd was a little blog and a small idea I started about 13 months ago. It has helped me learn, improved my writing and given me something to do when I am bored. Beyond all of that it has allowed me to help people find new things as well.

I want to keep doing that, and I will.

A few weeks ago the site overtook the 100,000 views mark, it currently sits around 120,000 views. That achievement had me thinking. I wanted a new place, something more official. So, after much toil and a bit too much money, I have toiled and built a website. A new and hopefully glorious place for everyone to enjoy facts in a less cluttered manner.

I am announcing my new website: Mostly Odd

All future posts will go to the new website, so please, check that website from now on, transfer your wandering eyes to the new place. It is currently low on articles, but that it because I am being more stringent now. Only the best articles are being moved to the new site, and they are being rewritten. However new information shall exist in abundance soon. Patience.

I hope you enjoy the new website, it is simpler, clearer and also has no adverts. Meaning it will cost me money, but if you feel generous you can always donate (wink wink etcetera). This is my last post on this little blog, and that saddens me slightly, but I am glad to be advancing instead of becoming stale. I hope you’ll come with me on this journey.

Thank you very much, I will see you on the other site.

-Alexandre R.D.M. Coates

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A New Schedule

In an attempt to reduce stress on my schedule and simultaneously reduce the amount of errors per article I have decided to adjust to a new schedule.

To produce higher quality articles I am moving to a weekly schedule. One article per week (unless I am feeling generous). Adjustments will be made but for the moment, until I change anything, this is how it shall work. I hope we all enjoy it even more.

Keep curious,

– Alexandre Coates


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A Brief Intermission

I am of today announcing that Most Odd shall experience a brief break. There shall be no more daily updates to the site until the 19th of August. This is because the author has suddenly decided to save up for two years for a month long trip.

Due to this immensely rash decision there shall be one small update each Friday until the 19th of August. If you need your regular fact fix I can whole-heartedly recommend that you browse through the archives, or use the random article button. Otherwise, full service shall resume upon the author’s return.

The first intermission article is next Friday. Have a pleasant day.

The Author

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D-D-D- …. delayed

Sorry for any of you who expected the author to update regularly over the past 3 days, he was just idiotic and forgot to check if his 3 day holiday would be somewhere with the internet, so he wrote the articles but couldn’t post them. The backlog shall be posted later today, sorry for any inconvenience a lack of new facts caused you, the author will refund you in blood if necessary.

– The Author (referring to themselves in the third person.)

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