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200. Morgellons: The Non-Existent Epidemic

Supposed Morgellons 'Disease Fibres'

It spreads like wildfire beneath the skin, the slight prickling sensation of itching. Tiny and innumerable fibres seem to poke through the skin and tiny parasites creep beneath the surface. The urge to pick at the fibres arrives, fingertips reach and simply start to scratch. Later sores appear over the body near where the picking occurred, it feels as though the fibres are causing it.

This peculiar condition is called Morgellons. In the past 11 years 12,000 people claim to have been affected. Yet, according to the consensus among medical professionals, it does not exist.

The first case was in 2001, Mary Leitao’s son had sores around his mouth and complained of feeling ‘bugs’ beneath them. She examined his skin with a toy microscope and found an astonishing array of coloured fibres peppered over his skin. She did some reading and found a reference in a 17th Century text referring to a condition in which people had long dark hairs grow on their backs. From this text she got the word ‘Morgellons.’ She maintained that it was a new condition and set up a foundation to research it.

After 12,000 reported cases a million dollars(USD) was set aside by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) in the United States of America to research it. They followed the symptoms and tracked down those claiming to have morgellons. Sufferers described their compulsion to pick at the fibres, often displaying a strong conviction that they were the products of other creatures beneath or on the skin. Morgellons sufferers were looking for a little information and a confirmation of the conditions existence. The CDC more than scratched the surface, the drilled deep.

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111. Big Big Universe

Observable UniverseThe Universe is a big place, and it is getting bigger. That is a little bit of a problem for us. For the last 13.8 billion years it has just been swelling. Some people think it will burst, others that we will just get very separated from the rest of the Universe. Therein lies a problem though. What is in the rest of the Universe?

Now we could probably make a guess, however it would be inaccurate. The reason is because we simply can only see a little bit. The problem is that the distance between our galaxy and other galaxies is constantly increasing, this has the bizarre side effect of causing the light from those galaxies to travel further. In fact the galaxies we can see are fairly close, and only a very small part of the Universe. We just cannot see the rest of the Universe because the light simply hasn’t had time. Read the rest of this entry »

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100. Bright Black Holes

Black Hole of DOOOOOMMMM!!

When Black Holes Burn Bright

Black holes are always – black. They have such high gravity’s that any light which enters may never escape. Therefore we may never know what a black hole looks like. This is interesting, if common knowledge. What is not widely known amongst the non-astronomical populace is that Black holes, contrary to popular opinion, can also become some of the brightest objects in the universe.

What happens is this, like our sun a black hole has gravity, in greater amounts I assure you but it is still gravity nonetheless. Now when an object falls towards the sun, say earth for example, if it is going sideways it will still have some momentum and orbit around it. So we on Earth are falling into the sun, just extremely slowly, we have a few billion years before we are in any danger. Anyway this is what happens to things that fall towards black holes. Read the rest of this entry »


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62. Shrinking Brains

FACT: Over the last 30,000 years the human brain has been shrinking. Today the average human brain is 10% smaller than 30,000 years ago. This is the same across all genders and all races; suddenly after 2 million years of brain and skull growth we have lost a chunk of brain the size of tennis ball.

Now it is far too easy to conclude from this that humans are becoming idiots, however that is simply not the case. Many scientists have, as per normal, many contrasting theories. Some claim that we don’t need to be as smart to survive, thanks to living with lots of other humans in cities.

Others even claim that in the past a bigger head was needed because a smaller head would cool down to quickly in the chilly paleolithic era. However one of the theories which merits the most attention is that the brain is becoming more efficient.

You must understand that 20% of all the energy in your body, is used by your brain, it is very power hungry and thusly reducing its volume will save us energy (as well as a considerable amount of water). Expanding upon this are other theories that say the brain itself is staying just as smart but is able to shrink and be just as intelligent.

Another theory states that we have developed a higher level of thinking than our ancestors which requires less energy but lets us understand more. Whatever your perspective this isn’t nearly over. The latest studies by Anthropologists suggest that while the brain has been shrinking, it is now growing larger again A most perplexing mystery indeed.



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59. How Long is a CD?

FACT: The average CD can hold 74 minutes worth of music. This rather unusual length was chosen by Sony’s president at the time.

His reasoning behind the 74 minute limit was that a single CD should be able to contain the longest recorded version of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony; and that it did indeed.

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