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111. Big Big Universe

Observable UniverseThe Universe is a big place, and it is getting bigger. That is a little bit of a problem for us. For the last 13.8 billion years it has just been swelling. Some people think it will burst, others that we will just get very separated from the rest of the Universe. Therein lies a problem though. What is in the rest of the Universe?

Now we could probably make a guess, however it would be inaccurate. The reason is because we simply can only see a little bit. The problem is that the distance between our galaxy and other galaxies is constantly increasing, this has the bizarre side effect of causing the light from those galaxies to travel further. In fact the galaxies we can see are fairly close, and only a very small part of the Universe. We just cannot see the rest of the Universe because the light simply hasn’t had time. Read the rest of this entry »

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107. Nameless Coconuts

East of Papua New Guinea one can find the exotic Solomon Islands, this small landmass collective happens to be a near perfect for the growing of coconuts.

These days the coconuts are still vital, both as an export as well as the many services that are afforded by the useful trees So important are they in fact that there are nine words dedicated purely to describing the different stages of growth that the coconut goes through.

Stranger still, their language has no actual word for the coconut itself. Leaving coconuts well described but unnamed by the Pijin language. Yet another example of how truly different cultures can be.

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100. Bright Black Holes

Black Hole of DOOOOOMMMM!!

When Black Holes Burn Bright

Black holes are always – black. They have such high gravity’s that any light which enters may never escape. Therefore we may never know what a black hole looks like. This is interesting, if common knowledge. What is not widely known amongst the non-astronomical populace is that Black holes, contrary to popular opinion, can also become some of the brightest objects in the universe.

What happens is this, like our sun a black hole has gravity, in greater amounts I assure you but it is still gravity nonetheless. Now when an object falls towards the sun, say earth for example, if it is going sideways it will still have some momentum and orbit around it. So we on Earth are falling into the sun, just extremely slowly, we have a few billion years before we are in any danger. Anyway this is what happens to things that fall towards black holes. Read the rest of this entry »


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58. Wizard and Flameproof

FACT: Asbestos has been around for a very long time and we all know it best for its flame-defeating abilities. In fact asbestos got its first start in the first century AD when  Roman scholar, Pliny the Elder, documented the mineral fibers amazing resistance to fire.

He also noticed that slaves who worked with the asbestos tended to develop lung problems. He then managed to discredit  his own writing on asbestos by claiming that as well as fire, it had a great resistance or impermeability to the attacks of so-called Dark Wizards.

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55. Lies and Law

FACT: ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ is a phrase originating from the English judiciary system, it being the simplest way to ensure that people know that they cannot lie in court.

In fact there was no law against lying in court until the 1600’s in England, because they believed that the fear of god would be more than enough to stop anyone from lying in court.


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